General Information


What is covered under my warranty?


It depends on the specific product you purchased.

Refer to the warranty hang-tag that accompanied your product.


What is not covered under my warranty?


Glass breakage: any glass breakage, including breakage resulting from an act of nature such as storms, rain, hail, snow, high winds, in other words exposure to harsh elements and inclement weather; improper use of umbrella and/or lack of umbrella base that would thereby result in glass breakage.

Damage to furniture resulting from an act of nature. Lack of proper care: including failure to cover, protect or properly store your furniture. Steel and wrought iron are not covered against rust. Commercial use of any Peak Season product.

How do I report a warranty claim?


Please refer to the hang-tag that accompanied your product for specific details. You may also CONTACT US

When contacting us, please have the following information readily available:

  • Complete Name
  • Address
  • Daytime telephone number including area code
  • Name of retail store where purchased
  • Date of purchase
  • The name and description of your outdoor furniture set
  • Specific details regarding the problem

In addition to the above information you may also be required to provide:

  • A copy of your receipt; this can be sent to us via fax, U.S. Mail or email
  • Photographs of any damaged product


During assembly, I found that there are damaged or missing parts. How do I obtain replacement parts?


Please contact our Customer Satisfaction Center within 10 days of purchase at 1-866-563-1732 or send us an email.  Replacement of missing, or initially defective parts, will be sent at no charge for a period of 10 days from date of purchase.

Can I order and purchase additional items or cushions that match my patio furniture set directly from Peak Season?


Our products are made to order exclusively for each individual retailer based on their requests. If the retailer did not request additional coordinating accessories for your matching set, then they have not been produced and are not available.

I want to buy an additional chair and the retailer I bought it at is sold out. Are the same products available at other retailers?


Unfortunately they are not, because our products are designed and manufactured for each retailer exclusively. Normally, the retailer sells the patio furniture as a set and individual items are not available for purchase.

What other colors are available in my set?


Since our products are designed and exclusively manufactured for each retailer, the color options which you see at the retailer represent all the color options available.

What can I do in order to prolong the life of my furniture?



Following the recommended care and maintenance should help extend the life of your furniture.

Will I have to be concerned with my furniture eventually rusting?


Please refer to your hang-tag that was attached to your furniture to determine if your furniture is aluminum or steel. Aluminum will not rust. Steel furniture is treated with a rust resistant powder coating; however exposure to the elements, particularly salt water or sea spray, over time may cause rust to develop.  Rusting is not covered under the warranty.

I am having difficulty with my assembly instructions. Who can I contact to help me?


Please contact our Customer Satisfaction Center toll free at 1-866-563-1732 and we will be happy to assist you.

The assembly instructions are missing from the box. How do I obtain a copy of them?


Please contact our Customer Satisfaction Center toll free at 1-866-563-1732 and we will send you a copy.